On a beautiful day, someone called my ideas and actions muy inspirador, Spanish for inspirational. A year later that sounded like the perfect name for my combined creative solution design studio & outdoor activities. Over the years I've worked closely with individuals, several SMEs and on mission impossibles for Fortune500 companies. Always with tons of positive energy and bags of ambition.

Having lived in Colombia for over five years, and working remotely between those two worlds for the last seven years made me think differently, sometimes seeing things others don't see. That experience - and the learnings that come with it - are what made me today: a multidisciplined entrepreneur with a focus on start-ups and (digitally) scalable businesses.

I've got an extensive digital toolset in my back-pocket and thrive on the output of unstoppable robots & computers. I am always open for new epic adventures - so just drop an email and we'll have a real coffee together.

Tom Claes
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